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Twitter is too complicated for Jessica

October 20, 2010

Finally, Jessica confirmed her Twitter account but the thing is, she has deleted her account after it was restored. Jessica left a message on her fan site, Woorisica. Looks like using Twitter is a challenge to out honey-skin Ice Princess. Here’s the message from Sergeant Sica:

Did I scare you guys?! hoot*…I want to see you guys again quickly~ Let us enjoy our next promotion^^ Oh yea! About the ~twitter* honestly, I couldn’t resist the temptations and made myself one…ㅋㅋ and that happened.. Today my account was restored~ but.. since I’m technologically challenged I don’t know how to maintain it~ so I don’t think I can use it anymore ㅋㅋㅋ I decided to delete my account! Don’t worry about it~ hehe good morning ^^ hoot (hoot = 훗 = new mini album title)

Well, what a pity. Antis played a big part in this. It’s hard to get any of our girls to use Twitter. Finally, one of them made an account and those antis just have to spoil it. Get a life, antis.

Credits: Woorisica/Soshified/SMTownjjang

Jessica’s Twitter account suspension: The work of antis

October 18, 2010

Jessica’s Twitter account has been suspended for 3 days and it was the work of antis who reported the account as SPAM.

Jessica created her Twitter account ( on October 13th. Fans were concerned of why Jessica stopped tweeting a few days ago. It was later discovered that the account has been suspended.

Anti-fans bulk-reported Jessica’s Twitter account as SPAM and thus, Twitter has automatically put a halt to Jessica’s account, making it impossible for her to tweet using the account. Twitter should have checked before suspending as there is no way an account which has only 4 tweets could be used to SPAM.

Netizens commented, “It’s a pity” and “The antis have nothing better to do”.

Twitter’s anti-SPAM mechanisms are put in place to protect its users from being SPAMed with messages but it looks like Twitter has to take a serious look into its protocols before labeling an account as SPAM.


Wheesung fell in love with Jessica’s sweet voice

October 13, 2010

Singer-songwriter Wheesung expressed his admiration for Jessica’s voice via Twitter in the early morning of October 13th, after the official release of Jessica’s first single “Sweet Delight”.

Wheesung composed the lyrics for “Sweet Delight”, which is the brand song for Korea’s famous food company, SPC. On Jessica’s vocal, Wheesung praised Jessica for handling the song well with her singing skill and injecting much sweetness into the song.

Following his tweet, netizens commented:
- “Since Wheesung praised Jessica, I want to hear her sweet voice”
- “Wheesung is awesome as he cares so much for his juniors”


Jessica has plenty of sweetness inside

October 12, 2010

Due to her beautiful skin complexion, Jessica was given the nickname “Honey Skin Beauty”. Her sweetness didn’t stop there. There is in fact so much more sweetness in her on the inside.

Recently, Park Minyoung who is part of the cast for KBS 2TV drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal” set up a Twitter account to communicate with fans.

On October 11th, in her tweet, Minyoung tweeted, “My lovely little sister Jess^^. Returning from Japan, she brought along a handful of candy for her exhausted sister. It’s impossible to not love her”, revealing the close friendship between her and Jessica. At the end of her tweet, she attached a link to photos showing Jessica holding the candy.

An undisclosed representative said, “Park Minyoung has only started using Twitter recently and she is still going about and learning how to use it. Minyoung and Jessica are close friends. Although they are both busy with their activities in respective fields, they would meet up with each other whenever they are free. That’s how they became close friends”.


Ok Juhyun: Jessica is such a lovely girl

September 18, 2010

Singer and musical actress, Ok Juhyun revealed her deep friendship with Jessica through photos posted via her Twitter account on September 17th.

From the photos published, the age difference does not seem to be a barrier to their friendship. Ok Juhyun and Jessica are about 10 years apart in age.

Jessica and Juhyun went to a bookstore while they were in Japan and they seemed to be enjoying the time together. Ok Juhyun updated her Twitter with the following comments:

- “To be in Japan after the LA trip, the timing is good”
- “This child loves shoes and wants to try out shoe designs”
- “Yu Aoi and Jessica’s snowball fight”
- “They think all photos of Jessica taken at the bookstore are lovely. Such a lovely child”

As a senior, Ok Juhyun acts as a counselor to the SNSD members and from there, they have developed a deep friendship.

Netizens were touched by the photos and commented:

- “It’s good to witness such a beautiful relationship”
- “Jessica is cute and lovely”
- “I hope the their relationship will last forever”


Yu Aoi – Jessica snowball fight picture revealed

September 16, 2010

Ok Juhyun, the Fin K.L lead singer who is also a close friend of Jessica, posted on her Twitter a picture of Japanese top star, Yu Aoi and SNSD’s Jessica. Ok Juhyun once appeared as a ‘hidden’ guest on the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Win Win” which featured SNSD (aired on April 20th, 2010).

The edited picture showed Jessica and Aoi (from a billboard advertisement) staring at each other and there are some traces of snow on Aoi’s face, indicating that the girls had a snowball fight.

Some of the comments from netizens who saw the picture are “Jessica is so cute”, “it’s like both of them are facing-off with each other in terms of beauty”, “Whatever Jessica does, she’s cute” and etc.


SNSD in the Trending Topic list after release of Oh! MV teaser

January 23, 2010
SNSD on Trending Topic Top 10 list after release of the Oh! MV teaser

SNSD on Trending Topic Top 10 list after release of the Oh! MV teaser

About an hour and a half after the release of Oh! MV teaser which was too awesome to describe (basically I’m running out of adjectives), Sones around the world have been tweeting #SNSDOh and it got into the top 10 list of trending topics on Twitter. I can see the big wave coming….and it’s hitting all of us very soon. I can feel that we will be using more Oh! and Gee in years to come…hahaha.