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Seohyun to visit 2012 Yeosu EXPO on June 20th

June 13, 2012

Maknae Seohyun who is the goodwill ambassador of the UN Pavilion at the 2012 Yeosu EXPO will be making a visit to the venue in her effort to further promote the UN Pavilion to the visitors.

According to the organizer of the Yeosu EXPO on June 13th, Seohyun is expected to visit the Yeosu EXPO on June 20th. While visiting the EXPO, Seohyun will also be conveying messages from United Nations (UN) as well as informing the visitors about the activities and efforts being carried out by the UN. Besides that, there will be a fansign event and photo taking sessions at the UN Pavilion which enables Seohyun to interact more closely with the visitors.

Seohyun was appointed as the goodwill ambassador of the UN Pavilion back in March where she received the official appointment certificate directly from UN Secretary General, Ban KiMoon.

A representative of the organizing committee said, “As June 20th also marks the opening of ‘Rio+20 Summit’ in Brazil, Seohyun’s visit to the EXPO as the goodwill ambassador of UN Pavilion at Yeosu EXPO is very meaningful”. In addition to that, the representative added, “In conjunction with World Refugee Day, UN Refugee Agency will be having an exhibition and therefore, visitors to the UN Pavilion will have the opportunity to meet Seohyun directly as well as getting to know about the various activities of UN agencies”.

Meanwhile, at 7pm KST on the same day (June 20th), Girls’ Generation – TTS will be performing at the 2012 Suncheon Bay Daeden Expo D-300 Celebration at Suncheon Palma Stadium.