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Girls’ Generation and Won Bin come together for ‘real’

February 28, 2012

In order to attract more attention from the public, LG Electronics has brought together their recently appointed models, Girls’ Generation and their original model, Won Bin, for their new Cinema 3D Smart TV CF.

In the recent CF, it showed Girls’ Generation member Jessica releasing a dove and Won Bin who is watching from his LG Cinema 3D Smart TV trying to catch the dove as it came out to him from the screen. With these effects, LG has portrayed how ‘real’ TV has become.

The product CF will be released as four different CFs. One that has already been released was with Jessica and Won Bin; others will show Yoona, Yuri, Tiffany, and one with all the members.

A representative from LG Electronics commented, “By using the number 1 image of the group Girls’ Generation, who is leading the Hallyu Wave, and popular actor Won Bin, we wanted to upgrade our image to show that our product ‘LG Cinema 3D Smart TV’ could also be the number 1 of smart electronics.” He continued saying, “With the image and status of the models, we can create a synergy effect along with our brand. And we will also be showing CFs that will hopefully appeal to a wider community.”

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Won Bin captivates SNSD

September 29, 2010

On MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay”, SNSD was asked a question on which male stars they would like to shoot a CF with. To this question, SNSD answered, “We like Won Bin”.

Yuri told Section TV that all members in SNSD like Won Bin. In a video message to Won Bin, Yuri said, “We were really focus and thorough while watching ‘Mother’. If there is a premiere screening of your movies, please invite us”. In addition to that, SNSD members also sent a message to Won Bin such as “Saranghamnida” and “Won haeyo”.


Sunny wants to marry Won Bin!

September 20, 2010

A girl group association called United Girlgroups (UG) was established and it is made up of members from SNSD, After School, f(x), 4minute, Miss A, Rainbow, Secret, etc. The representative of these girl groups attended a gathering to commemorate the 41st anniversary of Ilgan Sports (IS) newspaper agency.

Here are some of the contents of the interview which involves SNSD’s representative at the event, our lovely Sunny.

Reporter: Congratulations on being members of girl groups association.

Sunny: Honestly, I have no idea IS has been around for so many years.I’ve always thought IS is quite new. Between IS and SNSD, there are unforgettable memories. Last year, the photos of SNSD winning the Daesang at Golden Disk Award were published on one section of the newspaper. It was such an honor to my family.

Reporter: So, how is your relationship with your group members? What did you girls fight about recently?

Sunny: The other day, the members wanted to go for a game of bowling but I was feeling sleepy and I did not want to go. I was blamed by the other members.

Reporter: SNSD’s diet was a hot topic…

Sunny: It’s not true. We never had such a diet program. We usually eat a lot and we only go on diet when we shoot music videos.Now that you know we live to eat, there’s nothing to worry about.

Reporter: Do you feel insecure about your physical appearance?

Sunny: I’m small and short. Haha. Because of my height, I was called “Moodumjjal” which means “Shortness that stays with me till i enter my grave’. I think if I say this, people will go search for it more. On KBS 2TV’s ‘Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook’ after Yoona’s greeting, it was my turn to greet. The cameraman lowered the camera when it was my turn. It became a famous “shortness” incident among fans.

Reporter: You have a lot of “Ahjussi” fans. What is the age limit that you would accept an”ahjussi” or an”oppa”
(in love, that is)?

Sunny: Other than age, style is not important? It’s because i think it would make a man looks like an “ahjussi”.

Reporter: Can you tell us who your ideal male entertainer is? Foreign actor, senior actor, what do you like about him?

Sunny: Unconditionally, Won Bin!!!! That man~I want to marry him.Ha ha ha. Am I scaring him by saying that?

Reporter: Are you happy being with a girl group? You don’t feel regret after debut?

Sunny: I feel a little depressed sometimes as I would like to go out on a date with my friends too.However, It feels really good to hear cheers from fans when I’m standing on the stage.

Reporter: If you could go back to the time before you debut as an artist, what would you like to do?

Sunny: I want to work part-time, serving at cafes and restaurants. I want to witness the various lifestyle of people from all walks of life.

Reporter: As a girl group, what is the dream you want to realize?

Sunny: The whole world’s So! Nyeo! Shi! Dae! Yo.

Reporter: As the group’s representative, what is your message?

Sunny: In conjunction with the IS’s 41st anniversary, this special interview made me realize that the status of girl groups have improved more than before. I am very proud to be part of the girl group association (UG). We are proud to be the country’s representative and we will work hard to achieve good results on international level.