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YoonA’s dress in Woongjin Coway’s CF is auctioned off for 2.03 million Won!

October 27, 2011

On October 27th, Woongjin Coway revealed that YoonA’s one-piece dress was auctioned off at a price of 2.03 million Won at the ‘The Beautiful Auction’ held together with SNSD last month.

SNSD currently endorses Woongjin Coway’s line of water purifiers and this time around, SNSD auctioned off the outfits used in the CFs to raise fund for women in need, who are leading independent lives. The auction started since September 28th and it managed to raise 14 million Won in 4 weeks.

The item auctioned off this time is the dress YoonA wore in the CF ‘Taking care of Mom’. Besides this dress, YoonA’s gray T-shirt and another denim shirt were also auctioned off at 900,000 Won and 790,000 Won respectively.

The Woongjin Coway staff said, “The funds raised will be sent to collection points and redistributed to the women in need as incomes.”

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SNSD to participate in Woongjin Coway’s ‘Beauty Auction’ on Sept 27th

September 21, 2011

SNSD will be participating in the ‘Beauty Auction’ event on September 27th at Yeongdeungpo Times Square, organized by Woongjin Coway to help less fortunate women.

For this event, lines of products featured in the ‘Coway, Please Take Care of Mom’ advertisement series will be put up for auction. All 9 SNSD members, who are expected to be present at Yeongdeungpo Times Square, will also be introducing their exclusive auction items. The full-fledged auction will be kicking off from September 28th till the end of October through Woongjin Coway’s online auction site (

Among the 29 items that would be auctioned are YoonA’s one-piece dress, Yuri’s shirts, Taeyeon’s jeans, etc. These items will be up for bidding on a weekly basis.

Chief of the marketing division, Kang SungHo said, “Proceeds of the donation would go to the less fortunate women so that they could be independent and move on with a better life, which is in line with the message conveyed by SNSD in the self-sterilizing water purifier advertisement.”


Soshi effect gave Woongjin Coway a 400% boost in sales

August 31, 2011

According to Woongjin Coway on August 31st, the company’s sales have risen 400% in the 2nd quarter of 2011 compared to the 2nd quarter of last year, all thanks to SNSD who was selected to be the models for Woongjin Coway’s ice water purifier.

In March this year, Woongjin Coway signed an exclusive model contract with SNSD to promote their new products by taking advantage of the friendly-image displayed through the ‘Coway, Take Care of Mom’ campaign. To strengthen their image as Korea’s no.1 water purifier brand, Woongjin Coway aims to expand their market to customers in their 20s – 30s.

According to a representative of Woongjin Coway, particularly, after YoonA’s ‘Self-sterilizing Ice Water Purifier’ advertisement in June this year, the sales of the new product has gone up by 38% compared to the sales of existing ice water purifier.

Woongjin Coway’s Marketing Communication Team leader, Kim JoonHyun said, “The sales of the ice water purifier have gone up 4 times compared to the same quarter last year. The huge contribution of SNSD’s advertisement on product awareness and increase in purchase can be seen clearly”.


SNSD @ Woongjin Coway CF set

March 19, 2011

Earlier this month, SNSD shot a video for the launching of Woongjin Coway’s new ice water purifier at Namyang-ju in Gyeonggi Province. Preparation for the shooting was made since the early morning and the girls were to stand in front of a beautiful and lively background.

The main slogan of the advertisement is called ‘Coway, Please Take Care of Mom!’, which sees the collaboration between Woongjin Coway, a brand name which promotes healthy and comfortable lifestyle and SNSD, Asia’s top girl group. The new product aims at providing convenience to mothers through painstaking designs, functionality as well as taking into account the various hygienic aspects.

At the shooting set, there were individual and group shots taking place at various ‘locations’ such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other settings which highlighted the everyday of life of house occupants. The construction of the ice water purifier and the ice tank is such that it ensures durability and caters for clean and hygienic usage, thus, emphasizing the slogan ‘ Coway, Please Take Care of Mom!’.

Meanwhile, lovely daughters Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Hyoyeon shot a cafe scene. From preparation to the shooting of the ad, it took a day long and it was really a tiring schedule for the girls.

SNSD’s Woongjin Coway CF (BTS) :

Woongjin Coway CF (30 seconds):

According to the Chief of Woongjin Coway’s Marketing Division, the ‘Coway, Take Care of Mom!’ campaign will be carried out through out the year. The CF will soon be aired on Korean TV channels. & S9OneLove02@YouTube/Yurui86@YouTube

CPU, cosmetic, drink, candy and now…..water purifier!

February 27, 2011

SNSD kicked off 2011 with plenty of CF deals. After Intel, Dior, Vita500, e-ma Throat Candy, they are now selected as the CF model for Woongjin Coway’s water purifier.

According to well-being household electronics manufacturer, Woongjin Coway representative Hong Joonki on February 27th, the company had signed an exclusive modelling contract with SNSD which will be valid till end of the year.

Chief of the Woongjin Coway’s Marketing Division, Lee Wootae said, “SNSD who possess a prestigious image of being the nation’s top girl group also have the friendliness in them. Their image also fits well with the new concept our new lines of products”. In the future, when the new-concept products are to be introduced to the market, the girls are expected to shoot various different CFs for those products.