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What is YongSeo’s final mission?

March 25, 2011

The first part of YongSeo’s final story will be aired on MBC’s ‘We Got Married Season 2′ on March 26th.

In the 1st part of the story, the YongSeo couple will receive their last mission called ‘Please present the happiest day as a gift to each other’. The couple opened a bank account together a year ago for the ‘Final Happy Day’. All the money deposited into the bank account will be withdrawn and the couple will have a late night appointment to meet each other on their final day.

Which day would Seohyun and Yonghwa pick as gifts for each other? Be sure to catch the part 1 of YongSeo’s final story on March 26th at 5.10pm KST.


Yonghwa no longer wears the couple ring

March 22, 2011

Netizens spotted something missing on CN Blue’s leader, Jung Yonghwa’s finger during the press conference for CN Blue’s new album release at Seoul Yeongdeunpo Times Square on March 21st. It was none other than the YongSeo couple ring.

As he was holding a microphone during the press conference, netizens discovered that Jung Yonghwa no longer wears his couple ring, the emblem of him and Seohyun, the Goguma couple who ‘tied their knot’ on MBC’s ‘We Got Married (WGM)’.

According to the producer, the recording of the last episode took place on the 14th and in just a week after that, the ring was nowhere to be seen on Yonghwa’s finger.

The couple rings were purchased when the couple first met on WGM while they were on a date in Shindang-dong. Towards the end of the YongSeo series, they took wedding photos for their first (and also the last) anniversary.

Since both of them has to fulfill their busy schedules as artistes, they had to end their ‘marriage’ on WGM which started in February 2010.

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Yonghwa wrote an apology note and hand-made a scarf for Seohyun

March 20, 2011

On MBC “We Got Married Season 2” aired on March 19th, Jung Yonghwa tried his best to cheer Seohyun up again. Seohyun was upset due to the fact that Yonghwa lost her hand-made scarf in last week’s broadcast.

Yonghwa who felt sorry towards Seohyun tried to look for a scarf in Japan. Instead, he managed to knit the scarf himself but insisted that it was bought in Japan as a gift to Seohyun. When Seohyun asked if he made the scarf himself after seeing the poor craftsmanship, Yonghwa denied by saying ‘Am I a person who has so much time on my hands?’.

But when Seohyun saw Yonghwa’s notebook, photos of him doing the knitting and his completed hand-made scarf, Seohyun was greatly touched and felt sorry.

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YongSeo finished shooting final episode on ‘White Day’

March 16, 2011

YongSeo’s series of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ started more than a year ago on February 27th, 2010. Due to Yonghwa and Seohyun’s busy schedules, the production team faces difficulties in arranging and coordinating the schedules for shooting. Thus, the YongSeo couple has no choice but to bid farewell to their fans.

YongSeo did their final shooting on March 14th, which is also the ‘White Day’ in Korea. The final episode is expected to be aired either on the end of March or beginning of April.


Will Seohyun give her first kiss to Yonghwa?

March 3, 2011

On MBC TV ‘We Got Married (WGM) Season 2′ to be aired on March 5th, there is a great interest among fans and viewers on whether the virtual couple would actually kiss on the show.

This episode features the shooting of the couple’s wedding moments. The YongSeo couple looks like a real pair of bride and groom where the handsome Yonghwa put on in his tuxedo and the angelic Seohyun in her wedding dress.

Particluarly in one of the photos, Seohyun who put on a pink wedding dress with a headband and Yonghwa who wore a black tuxedo with a pink bowtie, posed in such a way that Yonghwa pushed a bicycle full of sweet potato with Seohyun holding on to his arm.(*I believe this would become the famous pose for future couples).

Meanwhile, 2AM member Im Seulong and MC Kim Nayoung visited the set of the shooting and while eating snacks with them she said, “Now, you need to gargle, don’t you?”,hinting that the two should be kissing after that and the YongSeo couple felt embarrassed upon hearing that remark.

So of the netizens commented, “Other than the sweet potato on the bicycle, I can’t see anything else”, “I hope the two of them really love each other very much”, “I want to see them kiss like Jo Kwon and Ga In”, “What a perfect match. I want to see more pictures”, etc.


Could YongSeo break the curse?

February 24, 2011

Pictures “foretelling” YongSeo couple leaving WGM is attracting many fans’ attention.

On the 24th, pictures “foretelling” YongSeo couple to leave WGM were uploaded on an online community.

The reason for such “foretelling” pictures is none other than photographer Lee Jaeho. It was said that whenever he appears in a TV program, someone from that program leaves the program.

Photographer Lee Jaeho had appeared on ’1 Night 2 Days’ and ‘Qualification Of Men’. After his appearance, MC Mong left ’1 Night 2 Days’ while Kim Sungmin left ‘Qualification Of Men’.

In the episode of WGM aired on the 19th, the preview showed YongSeo couple taking wedding pictures. In the preview, photographer Lee Jaeho made an appearance.

Fans who noticed this commented “The end of YongSeo couple seems to be approaching…” and “Please, not WGM.”

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Yonghwa recommended Hip Massage to Seohyun

February 19, 2011

On the WGM episode aired on Feb 19th, Jung Yonghwa took Seohyun for snowboarding and taught her some techniques on it. While learning, Seohyun kept falling.

After they returned to their house, Seohyun complained about the pain in her hip. She said that her hip hurts whenever she moves her body. Jung Yonghwa made everyone laugh by asking her “Do you want a massage on your hip?”. Seohyun declined the offer.

In the same episode, Seohyun assisted her hubby, Yonghwa to put on some make-ups. She helped to hold up his inner eyelashes and apply mascara to his eyelashes. They did each others’ hairs claiming it’s Kim Heechul’s hairstyle. After that, they took a picture of themselves and they received a comment saying that they look like sisters.

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Korean footballer, Ki Seungyong is jealous of Yongseo

February 15, 2011

Korea Republic and Celtic’s Central Midfielder, Ki Seungyong is jealous of the Yongseo couple.

On February 15th, Ki tweeted, “I’m jealous of Yongseo Couple…WGM is fun…hahahaha”, expressing his envy of the couple’s loving ‘married’ life.

Ki Seungyong is known for his admiration towards Seohyun. On SBS ‘Good Morning’ aired on July 7th last year, Ki Seungyong admitted that Seohyun and Yuri are his ideal types.

Netizens commented, “Ki Seungyong must be scared of being lonely in Scotland”, “I’m jealous of you instead”, “It seems that he really like Seohyun”,”Ki Seungyong is cute”, etc.


Seohyun: They like Hubby Yong more

January 29, 2011

Seohyun was impressed by the sincerity of Jung Yonghwa’s friends who called themselves ‘Doomaekpaem’.

On MBC ‘We Got Married’ aired on January 29th, Seohyun had the opportunity to meet his hubby’s friends in Busan. At a cafe, they had a great time listening to stories, taking picture together as well as receiving gifts (a couple hoodie and old photos) from ‘Doomaekpaem’. It was really a heartwarming session.

In an interview which took place later, Seohyun said, “I can tell that they are good friends. They like hubby Yong more”.