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Girls’ Generation’s members take on the ALS ice bucket challenge!

August 21, 2014

Guess who was the first Girls’ Generation member to take up the ALS ice bucket challenge? It was Sooyoung!

Sooyoung was nominated by actor Yang Dong Geun and during her weekly Midnight TV Entertainment recording a couple of days ago, she sportingly agreed to do it.

True to her words, Sooyoung did the challenge today and uploaded the videos to her Instagram. She uploaded not one but seven videos for her challenge because she took the time to explain the cause and how to donate to the cause before carrying out the challenge!

The ice bucket challenge went viral on social media recently and many big names and celebrities have attempted it to raise awareness to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a motor neuron disease where patients’ muscles become progressive weak due to muscle atrophy and patients may ultimately lose the ability to control all voluntary movements.

According to the ALS Association, the ice bucket challenge has resulted in $31.5 million in donations as compared to $1.9 million during the same time period last year (July 29 to August 20).

Some of the big names who have attempted the challenge are former US President George Bush, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift, David Beckham, Oprah Winfrey while the viral awareness activity are rapidly spreading throughout the Korean showbiz too with names like Running Man members Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Jongkook, HaHa, Gary and Lee Kwangsoo, BoA, Jo Insung, Super Junior members like Heechul, Donghae, Eunhyuk and more, Choo Sunghoon, Brian Joo, f(x)’s Amber and the list goes on!

Other Girls’ Generation members like Yuri, Sunny and Hyoyeon have also been nominated for the ice bucket challenge. Perhaps they will be next in line after Sooyoung kicked off the challenge for the group.

Credit: ALS Association, Sooyoung’s Instagram,

Update 1: Hyoyeon steps up for the challenge!

Next to take on the ice bucket challenge is none other than Hyoyeon!

In videos uploaded to her Instagram, Hyoyeon was seen drenched by friends including f(x)’s Amber, Miss A’s Min and many more!

She also nominated three people for the ice bucket challenge, namely SHINee’s Jonghyun, actor Chun Jungmyung and guess who? Lee Sooman, the founding chairman of SM Entertainment!

Credit: Hyoyeon’s Instagram,

Update 2: Yuri completes the ice bucket challenge!

Yuri became the third Girls’ Generation member to complete to ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for the ALS disease!

As part of the ice bucket challenge, Yuri also nominated actress Jeon Hyebin, entertainer Yoo Seyoon and her brother to take on the challenge next!


Update 3: Sunny fulfils her promise!

Sunny promised to do the ALS ice bucket challenge during her radio show and she fulfilled her promise today!

In the video uploaded to the official SMTOWN YouTube account, Sunny was drenched by the two Girls’ Generation managers!

Sunny nominated the MBC Radio Bureau director, actor Shin Sungwoo and television show host and comedian Shin Dongyup to take up the ice bucket challenge!


Update 4: Yoona completes the ALS ice bucket challenge!

Yoona is the next Girls’ Generation member to do the ALS ice bucket challenge after she was nominated by fellow labelmate EXO’s Sehun!

Yoona nominated actors Lee Minho, Kim Sooro and actress Kim Taehee.


Yuri wins ‘Most Popular Movie Actress’ in the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards!

May 27, 2014

In the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards held on May 27th, Yuri walked away with the ‘Most Popular Actress Award’ for her role in movie ‘No Breathing’!

The Baeksang Arts Awards is held annually to honour outstanding achievements in Korean films, television and theater, therefore, it was attended by many big names in the Korean showbiz including Jun Jihyun, Kim Soohyun, Lee Byunghun, Lee Boyoung and many more.

Check out Yuri’s acceptance speech in the awards ceremony.

Previously, Yuri won the ‘Most Popular Actress Award’ in the television series category of the 49th Baeksang Arts Award held last year for her role of Choi Anna in SBS’s ‘Fashion King’.

Congratulations, Yuri!


Yuri and Yoona nominated in the 50th Baeksang Art Awards!

April 28, 2014

Yuri and Yoona are both nominated in the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards, an annual awards ceremony held to honour outstanding achievements in Korean films, television and theater.

Yuri and Yoona are nominated in the ‘Most Popular Actress Award’ for the movie and television series categories respectively, Yuri for her role in movie ‘No Breathing’ and Yoona for her role in the drama ‘Prime Minister and I’.

The 50th Baeksang Arts Awards will be held on May 27th at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Palace.

Previously, Yuri won the ‘Most Popular Actress Award’ in the television series category of the 49th Baeksang Arts Award held last year for her role of Choi Anna in SBS’s ‘Fashion King’.

Credit: Baeksang Arts Awards official website

Girls’ Generation wins at the 28th Golden Disk Awards!

January 16, 2014

The 28th Golden Disk Awards was held at the Grand Peace Palace at Kyung Hee University on 16th January 2014 and Girls’ Generation walked away with two awards, namely the ‘Digital Popularity Award’ and the ‘Golden Disk Bonsang’!

Meanwhile, Taeyeon and Tiffany were the emcees for the second half of the show along with Oh Sangjin. They received the ‘Digital Popularity Award’ during the first half before starting their emcee duties.

Girls’ Generation were announced one of the winners of the ‘Golden Disk Bonsang’ during the second half and it was a big surprise when two other members Yuri and Sooyoung appeared to receive the award!

Check out their acceptance speech as well as the girls’ cute interactions on stage.

Besides that, their juniors f(x) also performed Girls’ Generation’s hit song ‘The Boys’ during the Golden Disk Awards.

Girls’ Generation has won several major awards from the Golden Disk Awards, including the Daesang hat-trick from 2009, 2010 and 2011 where they won the Digital Daesang for ‘Gee’ in 2009, Disk Daesang with ‘Oh!’ in 2010 and Digital Daesang for ‘The Boys’ in 2012.

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Happy Birthday, Yuri!

December 4, 2013

After years and years of writing nine birthday tributes annually to nine of the most special people around, you would think that ideas will eventually run dry because you can’t keep writing the same stuff year and year around. And that is, of course true, as I sometimes find myself blanking out in front of the computer like now, watching the little black line blinking on the white sheet in my word processing software.

Truth is, everyone who is reading this (thank you for reading btw) already knows and loves the girls and their quirky personalities as well as their dedication and passion for their jobs. Their appreciation for fans never goes unnoticed and the extra efforts they put into interacting and thanking fans make our love grow exponentially.

December is a month of mixed feelings; firstly, it is the last month of the year and it is the time when people either berate themselves for not doing enough in the year or congratulate themselves for doing a good job (it is usually the former though). December is also a merry and festive month thanks to Christmas and the upcoming New Year. Christmas songs are playing everywhere you go and Christmas decorations remind you of the season to give and to celebrate with friends and family.

But that is not all. December is also the last stop of our Soshi Express for the year; it is Yuri’s birthday month and it is another reason for celebrations 20 days before Christmas day. Our beloved Yuri turns 24 this year (or 25 by Korean age)!

2013 was significantly important for Yuri; she made her movie acting debut in the young and energetic swimming-themed ‘No Breathing’ alongside Lee Jongsuk and Seo Inguk. The movie did considerably well in Korea and will be making its premiere in many other countries in the coming month. I have not watched it but I have heard a lot of positive reviews about it as well as Yuri’s acting in it and that sounded like a good reason to catch it.

Besides that, Yuri sang two original soundtracks for the movie and you get to see her singing and playing the guitar in the movie! As if you needed another reason to watch it in the first place right? It is simply lovely to listen to her underrated voice in the songs and you should check them out if you haven’t.

Let’s see, Yuri is now a singer, dancer, movie and drama actress, part-time songwriter, ex-emcee, occasionally models for fashion magazines and of course, she’s still a student on top of all that. Oh right, she also became a coach on the dancing reality show ‘Dancing 9’ earlier this year with Hyoyeon! What else can’t our dear Yuri do?

Also, she is possibly one of the most athletic of the group and she has probably tried her hand in most sports. Honestly, I was expecting to see her swimming skill, which was boasted about by Sooyoung, in the swimming-themed ‘No Breathing’ but it never happened much to my despair (and everyone else’s).

If you have never attended any of Girls’ Generation’s solo concerts, you really should. Just save up and go for one. You will step out of it overflowing with love for them. If you think that Yuri is funny and dorky when you see her in variety shows and on stages, you will have to see her in concerts. That is when she goes hyper and becomes the most lovable dork you have ever seen.

Jumping around forming hearts over her head, running and teasing her group members and so much more. It never ends and you will love it. Sometimes I wish that I have nine pairs of eyes to look at all nine of them but it is just impossible and at the end of the all-too-short concert, you will feel like reliving it again.

Now, regardless whether it is winter or summer in your place at the moment, it is the day to celebrate – to celebrate the existence of our passionate, lovely, amazing, hardworking and dorky Yuri.

Yuri, Happy Birthday! We love you! Have a great time celebrating with your family and members!

Photo Credit: 0nlyul, topstarnews,, MBC

Girls’ Generation thanks fans for the win in YouTube Music Awards!

November 4, 2013

After Tiffany accepted the ‘Video of the Year’ award on behalf of Girls’ Generation at the YouTube Music Awards today, Girls’ Generation members took to their social networking accounts as well as the Girls’ Generation official account to express their gratitude to fans, who voted continuously for almost two weeks.

Taeyeon posted on her Instagram account:

[TRANSLATION] Girls’ Generation was able to receive the ‘Video of the Year’ award at the YouTube Music Awards!! kkya! Thank you so much to the many people who shared the video for days, and, as expected, SONEs are worldwide. SONEs who always make us move! And all the people who worked hard for the music video, thank you very very much. #ytma #IAmGirlsGeneration

Meanwhile, Sunny posted on Twitter:

Thank you!!!! SONE jjang (the best)♥ Thank you #sone♥ you guys are BEST!!!!! “@YouTube: VIDEO OF THE YEAR: “I Got a Boy” by Girls’ Generation #YTMA”

Yuri also wrote her message in English in Instagram:

today is a celebration for all our 소원s around the world! it feels like a dream come true..this will forever be a UNFORGETTABLE DAY!! thanku♥

Besides that, Sooyoung left her message on Girls’ Generation’s official website:

[TRANSLATION] Thank you for presenting us with a heart-felt day^^♥
Thanks to you, Soshi never feels lonely..hehe
Thanks to SONE, we’ve added on another proud title!!
I couldn’t be happier…^^

Once again
thank u so much for all your support and love^-^♥

Right now is Girls’ Generation!!

And finally, maknae Seohyun also left her messages, twice on Twitter and on the official website.

In her second tweet in English, she said:

Thank you again to our amazing fans all over the world who voted for GG to win a YTMA for “I Got a Boy”! love u guys❤

Congratulations again, girls! You deserved the award! And to SONEs, everyone did a great job!

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Yuri sings ‘Bling Star’ for her movie debut ‘No Breathing’!

October 22, 2013

Prior to the release of the movie ‘No Breathing’, the music video for Yuri’s song ‘Bling Star’ for the soundtrack of her first ever movie has been released at 12pm KST on October 22nd!

In the music video released, viewers were given a glimpse of the scenes in the swimming-themed movie accompanied by Yuri’s clear and mesmerizing vocals.

The movie is due for release at the end of October and the new soundtrack from the movie has surely increased the hype of the much-anticipated movie, which stars Lee Jongsuk, Seo Inguk and of course, Kwon Yuri.

Besides ‘Bling Star’, another song ‘Banjjak Banjjak’ by Yuri for the movie was also released today and both songs are available for purchase on major online music sites such as MelOn.

Are you excited for the movie?


Yuri shows off her alluring and sexy charms in Cosmopolitan!

October 17, 2013

On October 17th, Yuri’s pictorial for fashion magazine Cosmopolitan was revealed in conjunction with the upcoming release of her new movie ‘No Breathing’.

In the pictorial, Yuri showed off her sexy charms and beautiful S-line in a variety of black and white-themed outfits, which ranged from a body-hugging one-piece short dress to an elegant knee-length dress which showed off her shoulders.

The magazine also conducted an interview with Yuri, particularly about her participation in her first movie ‘No Breathing’, slated for release at the end of October. She talked about her character Jungeun and said that she wasn’t your typical first love as she was a laidback person who “hits Seo Inguk’s character at the back of the head often and eats chicken feet casually in front of the guy who likes her”.

She also revealed that her co-stars Lee Jongsuk and Seo Inguk were different from the images they projected as celebrities. Seo Inguk, whom she thought would be a considerate guy, was surprisingly appealing and had a bad boy feel while Lee Jongsuk was unpredictably playful unlike his chic image.

Yuri also revealed her wish to continue to act as more diverse characters in the future through the interview.

This beautiful pictorial and interview will be released in the November issue of Cosmopolitan.

Credit: ch0sshi@twitter (translation) + +

Sunny greets fans on Instagram and Twitter!

July 7, 2013

It appears as though more and more Girls’ Generation members are getting their own personal SNS! After Taeyeon, Hyoyeon and Yuri on Instagram and Jessica on Weibo, Sunny became the next member to have not one, but two SNS accounts!

The Instagram account (svnnynight) became official the moment fellow member Taeyeon followed her, which led to the joy and cheers of fans worldwide, now that they will get to be closer to another of their idol. On top of that, her Twitter account Sunnyday515 was also revealed on the same day!

To kickstart her account, Sunny posted a beautiful unseen selca with the message “안녕?!..나야*^^* Hiiiiiiiii first post!!!”

So far, fans have been entertained and amused by the variety of photos and updates the other four girls have posted on their SNS accounts, which ranged from the beautiful selcas to the dorky selcas to their pets and things they see and do in their travels.

Perhaps we will see more SNS accounts from the other members in the near future too? I know I for one will be utmostly delighted, won’t you?