Sooyoungster detected: Simon Curtis

American actor and singer, Simon Curtis has completely fallen for Sooyoung.

On February 5th, Simon Curtis gave a reaction by retweeting a picture of him and Sooyoung made by fans along with the message, “Haha amazing”.

Before this, Curtis tweeted on February 4th, “I know today is Madonna day, but I can’t tear myself away from Girls’ Generation & their Letterman performance.”, suggesting that he was watching a video of Girls’ Generation performance on CBS’ ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ aired on January 31st.

He further tweeted, “Whoa, so many people reacting to my love for Girls Generation right now… where did this come from?! Lol. *does the dance from The Boys” and “I would share my favorite Girls Generation member, but i have yet to learn their names. Sigh. So much perfection.”

Simon Curtis then revealed his admiration towards Sooyoung by stating, “Okay, my favorite is the chick with the black hair on the left at 0:41 -whats her name?! *she does the hair flip”, hoping to get an answer from his Twitter followers. After fans told him that the girl in the video was Sooyoung, Curtis responded, “Ahh Sooyoung. Thanks guys! Now I can rave about obsessed I am with her. <3. She is the ULTIMATE” and even called Sooyoung ‘a goddess’ in his mention to a Twitter user.

On February 5th, he also tweeted, “I love how my timeline has been filled with Sooyoung links for 24 hours now. Dying with Korean bubblegum love”.


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One Response to Sooyoungster detected: Simon Curtis

  • kepalajamuran says:

    hell yeah, she’s a goddess!!! mwahahahahaha

    i hope more celebrities will show their love towards Girls’ Generation.

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