Yuri and Shin SeKyung showcase glamorous beauty through ‘Fashion King’

On February 27th, a post with attached pictures taken from the making video of SBS ‘Fashion King’ was published on a portal site forum. In the photo, Yuri and Shin SeKyung showcased their glamorous beauty through their strong and bold poses together with the male actors.

Yuri put both her hands on Lee JeHoon’s shoulder with a rather faint expression in her eyes. Shin SeKyung on the other hand, leaned against Yoo AhIn with a captivating pose. With their own unique poses and styles, the two gorgeous women looked as if they were competing against each other in between the short instances of the camera shutters.

The new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Fashion King’ will be aired starting March 19th at 9.55pm KST.

Credit: joongang.co.kr + MonsterITouch@youtube.com

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