Yuri speaks on the challenges as an actress

Photos of Yuri reading the script of ‘Fashion King’ with a look of concentration, as though she has fallen in love with it, were revealed recently.

In the photos taken at the set of the location shooting in New York, Yuri who took up the acting challenge for the first time was seen holding the script with a serious expression on her face. She seemed to be fully immersed in it as she was studying and reading through the script.

Yuri said, “A singer channels all his/her energy to make an impact for a short period of time but for acting, since one has to take a long breath and live as the character being played to produce an impact, I think it’s more difficult.” She added, “I’m having so much fun taking up this new and recent challenge.”

‘Fashion King’ is SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama and it will begin airing on March 19th.

Credit: tvdaily.mk.co.kr

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