J.Estina to hold Girls’ Generation fan sign event on March 11th!

On February 29th, J.Estina has announced that a fan signing event with Girls’ Generation will be held on March 11th at the AK Departmental Store in Suwon.

Customers who have made purchases of more than 100,000 won from February 23rd to March 5th stand a chance to attend the fan signing event. The announcement of the lucky winners will be made online on March 9th.

After appointing Girls’ Generation as their advertisement models, J.Estina had since named its products after the girls – ‘Jessica’s earrings’, ‘YoonA’s Angelica Bag’, ‘Tiffany’s earrings’, etc and the brand enjoyed a consistent upward trend in sales. The pre-ordering process of J.Estina’s upcoming products is currently in progress.

Credit: edaily.co.kr

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