Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ featured in British daily ‘The Guardian’

A British daily, ‘The Guardian’ recommended Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’.

On March 14th, in the song introduction corner of ‘The Guardian’ called ‘Now Listening: Reader Playlist’, the main artist selected for this week is none other than our 9 beautiful angels. Every week, this corner invites a reader to recommend the songs they have been listening to.

Along with the music video of ‘The Boys’, Guardian also stated, “Girls’ Generation, having already conquered Asia, are currently taking first steps to cracking the west with their latest single ‘The Boys’. Eschewing the standard four-member lineup of typical girl groups, Korea’s finest boast nine impeccably groomed, perfectly pitched and exquisitely choreographed young ladies who deal exclusively in hypnotically catchy numbers. Less a band, more a force of nature.”


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One Response to Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’ featured in British daily ‘The Guardian’

  • corey says:

    Lol look at sica

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