Happy Birthday, Yoona!

To SONEs, with nine significant birthdays every year, you would think that birthday tributes become repetitive and boring as the time goes by. However, when you think more about it, with time, everyone grows and things changes; same applies to us and especially the girls.

Growth is evident in the birthday girl Yoona in the past year, be it in acting, singing and more. Yoona became an all-rounded celebrity as we saw her playing the lead role in drama ‘Love Rain’ opposite Jang Geunseuk, singing and showing off her vocals more in Girls’ Generation’s songs, modelling in magazines and photo shoots, as well as hosting several major events in the past year.

Yoona tried her hand in acting since 2007 with ’9 Ends, 2 Outs’ to ‘Woman of Matchless Beauty’ in 2008 before landing her first leading role in ‘You Are My Destiny’ also in the same year and ‘Cinderella Man’ in 2009. Two years later, it was obvious to everyone that her acting matured with her double roles in ‘Love Rain’ with Kim Yoonhee in the 1970s and her daughter Jung Hana in modern days. The ups and downs in the lives and romance of the two women in different ages touched many to tears as Yoona lived out her passion as an actress.

Although she is the second youngest member of Girls’ Generation, Yoona has a mature side to her along with her fun-loving and bright personality. Throughout the years, Yoona had to deal with comments and criticisms for things she did and did not do, just because she was the face and image of Girls’ Generation. She did not falter despite all that and when given a choice in a recent interview, she said she would continue to play the center role in the group.

If you check out interviews of male celebrities in recent years, chances are that a significant number of them named Yoona as their ideal type; Lee Seunggi, G-Dragon, badminton player Lee Yongdae and more picked the doe-eyed beauty as their ideal types. Besides that, her well-loved beauty has clinched her numerous CFs and endorsements, such as cosmetic brand Innisfree and outdoor wear Eider with actor Lee Minho, which are earning her big bucks, making her the highest earner in Girls’ Generation.

With her popularity, looks and earnings, one would expect Yoona to have the airs of a diva but no. Girls’ Generation has always been known as a humble and modest group despite their achievements and it is no different for Yoona. At the end of filming for ‘Love Rain’, she presented gifts and messages to the staff of the drama as a sign of gratitude for their help throughout filming. It wasn’t only ‘Love Rain’ though; in her past drama, it was revealed that she hand wrote letters and cards for the staff and handed them personally, showing her humble and sincere attitude.

With an individual with a heart as pretty as her looks, it is no wonder that fans everywhere around the world are feeling the joy of the special day, even when we are physically far from the birthday girl. With that, it is hoped that Yoona will be able to spend her birthday with loved ones and that she will rest well after the long and hectic filming for ‘Love Rain’. Happy Birthday Yoona! May this day always be a special one to remember! Hope to see you back with your eight sisters soon!

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Photo credits: serendipity-yuri.tistory.com, Eider, KBS

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday, Yoona!

  • greyson says:

    happy birthday Yoona.. wish u all the best and happy ..support you ^^

  • wienwien says:

    Happy birthday Yoona
    Keep always your smile and your love for YoonAddict and SONE

  • Maria says:

    happy birthday im choding

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