T-ara’s Hyomin received a special gift on her birthday

T-ara’s Hyomin revealed a certification shot with Sunny. The photo was most probably taken during the filming of ‘Invincible Youth 2′.

On May 30th, through her personal Twitter account, Hyomin posted, “Today is May 30th, I’ve received my birthday present. This kid…Sseobyung’s resurrection’. Along with her tweet, Hyomin attached a photo of herself and Sunny.

Sunny and Hyomin showed their close friendship by putting their faces close to one another while having the photo taken. Sunny’s cute facial expression particularly, has been garnering a lot of attention.

Sunny and Hyomin were known for their close friendship in the first season of ‘Invincible Youth’ back in 2010 and the special bond between the two had since become the topic of interest among fans and viewers of the show.

Credit: b89530@Twitter/moneytoday.co.kr

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  • mazelan says:

    woh ` ` ` very beautiful photo . . .

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