2AM’s JinWoon receives a thoughtful gift from Seohyun!

On July 19th, 2AM’s Jung JinWoon revealed the gift he received from Seohyun as he tweeted from his personal Twitter account, “Ah.. she is really the best friend that I have” and attached a photo of the gift he received from the Girls’ Generation maknae.

In the photo, there was a birthday card made by Seohyun herself and a box of health supplements. On the card, Seohyun’s message to JinWoon read, “My dear friend JinWoon-ah. Take care of your health and have a safe journey to the jungle. I’m cheering you on for the risky adventure you’re embarking on. Jung JinWoon! Fighting ~ Seohyun.”

The gift is a sign of support from Seohyun to JinWoon who will be making a journey to the jungle in SBS ‘Law of The Jungle 2′. Jung JinWoon will be joining Kim ByungMan and the cast of the show as they embark on a journey to Madagascar for a 3-week filming starting July 20th.

Credit: newsen.com

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