[UPDATED] Concert goodies for ITNW Concert in Taipei (with photos)

For those who are going to the ITNW concert in Taiwan, the list of goodies that will be sold at the concert venue is out! The sales of these goods will be available on both concert days (October 16th and October 17th), starting from 11am till the end of the concert.

A person may only purchase up to 10 nos of each item depending on the availability of those items. However, for goodies with limited stock (blanket/travel flask), each person can only purchase 1 no. of these items.

Here’s the list of the concert goodies:

- Poster set (9 posters with tubes) : NTD980

- Mini poster set (9 A4 size posters) : NTD430

- 3D folder (available in 2 types – cartoon/real-life) : NTD430

- Card type 2GB USB flash drive (credit card size) : NTD1050

- Glow sticks (the same type as the ones at SNSD’s fanmeeting in Korea) : NTD250

- T-Shirts (1 type only, free size) : NTD990

- Support towels : NTD450

- Blankets (very limited, only 600 nos. available, each person limited to 1 purchase) : NTD890

- Mobile phone straps (Available in 3 types, each type contains 3 mobile phone straps : Type A – Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon; Type B – YoonA, Seohyun, Sunny; Type C – Jessica, Tiffany, Yuri) : NTD690

Type A

Type B

Type C

- Travel flasks (very limited, only 300 nos available, each person limited to 1 purchase) : NTD490

- Luggage tags : NTD320

*US$1 is about NTD31

Credit: superdome.com.tw

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4 Responses to [UPDATED] Concert goodies for ITNW Concert in Taipei (with photos)

  • addy_ami says:

    are the taiwan concert items different than the before concert items?
    or is it just the same?

  • fanwonder says:

    There might be some new stuff coming up ;)

  • alvin_ng says:

    may i know is that online pre-order to oversea can?
    and the money change back to malaysia how much???

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