Soshi shed tears on Star King

Following the success of “Diet King” project, SBS ‘Star King’ will be showcasing a new project by Seoul University and Professon Kim Inhye called the “Miraculous Voice King” project.

The announcement about the project was being aired over the last 2 months during the broadcast of ‘Star King’. Applications could be made via phone, websites, etc. More than 1,000 applications were received and after 3 rounds of auditions, 16 participants were shortlisted.

On the show, SNSD members were moved to tears by some of the sad stories and performances presented by the participants. With tears in her eyes, YoonA said, “I do not know why but my tears keep falling”.

Want to know about the stories that made Soshi cry? I’m not spoiling it for you guys.

Don’t forget to shed tears with our girls as this episode of ‘Star King’ will be aired on December 4th.


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  • coffee says:

    those sad soshi faces T_T i wanna watch this

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