Japanese way of categorizing SNSD’s members

Japan recently has a new way of differentiating SNSD’s members to avoid confusion.

The confusion arises because they are simply too pretty and thus, distinguishing them is a challenge to the Japanese public. Thus,’Weekly SPA’, a Japanese magazine categorized the girls in 3 different categories.

Four Heavenly Kings

TaeYeon: Birthday – 1989/03/09; Height – 162 cm A leader known for her power vocal and has achieved a lot of success for her solo songs. Has a strong sense of responsibility and once, wanted to step down from her leader’s position due to overwhelming burdens. She has never shown her bare face to her members. Her parents own an eyeglass shop, ‘Eyebis’, which is now a tourists’ attraction, especially among fans.

YoonA: Birthday – 1990/05/30; Height – 166 cm

Has a visual like an actress. Acted in ‘You Are My Destiny’, a drama with over 40% of view rates, and is known for her acting skills. She also participated in numerous other dramas. Has a small face like those of elementary students. Has a slim body and a large number of male fans. Known for being a fan of Kimura Takuya.

Yuri: Birthday – 1989/12/05; Height – 167 cm Nicknamed ‘Black Pearl’. Keeps her beauty through yoga, dancing, and diet. Listed as the ‘good woman’ among the members. Tries hard to keep up with her style. An all-rounder who also participates in variety shows , etc. She turns elegant and shy in front of males.

Sooyoung: Birthday – 1990/02/10; Height – 170 cm

170cm and 48kg, she has a body of a super model, but is known for eating a lot. At the age of 11, she has once debuted in the group “route0″. Fluent in Japanese. Has a cool personality.

Strong Characters

Seohyun: Birthday – 1991/06/28; Height – 168 cm

Youngest among the group, but is very responsible. A health mania who would say “I would rather die than to be unhealthy”. Specialties are Chinese and piano. Has a slight instinct of an ‘otaku’. Known for being a hardworking university student.

Hyoyeon: Birthday – 1989/09/22; Height – 160 cm

Everyone agrees she is the dancing queen. More of a charismatic girl rather than a cute girl. Does not have as much fans as other members. However, due to her good fashion sense, she is popular among girls. She is in charge of ‘weird hairstyle’ in the group.

Sunny: Birthday – 1989/05/15; Height – 155 cm

The member who is the most active in variety shows due to her aegyo and strong comedy instincts. Has many ahjussi fans due to her aegyo and bright face. Her uncle is the agency’s chief, Lee Sooman.

The Americans

Jessica: Birthday – 1989/04/18; Height – 163cm

Talks without change of expression in her face, thus being known as ‘Ice Princess’. Sings many impressive parts in songs because of her ability to hit the high notes. She changes her styles often. Has the most females fans. She seems to be the one being the target of gossip and rumors, more often than the other members.

Tiffany: Birthday – 1989/08/01; Height – 162cm

Scouted in Los Angeles. Even though her Korean is not as fluent as other members, her vocals are impressive. Her appearance is an Asian, but her thoughts and actions are completely American. Known for her eye-smiles. She had suffered injuries on quite a number of occasions.

Credit: tvdaily.co.kr
Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com/Soshi9sone

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