Yonghwa evaded trap question, showed loyalty towards Seohyun

Once again, CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa picked Seohyun as her ideal type.

Jung Yonghwa and other members of CN Blue made an appearance on the ‘Guerilla Date’ section of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on May 7th.

During the broadcast of the show, each member were asked to name their ideal types respectively. Yonghwa was asked, “If you were to choose between f(x)’s Sulli and SNSD’s Taeyeon as your ideal girl, who would you pick?”

Yonghwa gave a little thought before answering wisely, “I will pick Seohyun”.

Credit: tvreport.co.kr

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3 Responses to Yonghwa evaded trap question, showed loyalty towards Seohyun

  • alnairah says:

    hehe :) Yong is really captivated by the charms of Seohyun :) kekeke. he really love Yonghwa. I wonder what seohyun feels about this :)

  • ajumma63 says:

    ah! aigoooo….so sweet ..he loves her buin so much!!

  • you love her… go! court her.. hehehe

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