Christians wish to attend church service with SNSD

A survey showed that most Christians wish to do church service together with 3 celebrities: SNSD from the entertainment industry, Park GeunHye from the political arena, and from the field of sports, Kim YunA.

In their first issue published recently, new magazine ‘Ranking’ conducted a survey on 512 Christians from churches in Seoul Jongno, Gyeonggi-do Yongin, Gangwon-do Donghae, Gwang-ju, Cheonan, Jinju and Yeongdeok-gun, from May to June.

Results of the survey showed that from the entertainment industry, SNSD were ranked 1st with 22% of the votes, Big Bang came in 2nd with 17.4%, while Lee Munse ranked 3rd with 16.0% votes. Also, actor Jo Sung-woo (9.4%) and Wonder Girls (6.6%) were ranked 4th and 5th respectively.

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5 Responses to Christians wish to attend church service with SNSD

  • Cori says:

    I’m a Taiwanese sone.
    I would like to have your permission to translate your articles.
    Please let me know if that’s okay!
    Thank you^^

  • Karen says:

    It takes very little time and effort these days to find out that Jesus is a fictional character based on other fictional characters, such as the Egyptian god Horus, so it’s especially disturbing to see things like this.

  • Guy says:

    It took you that time to determine your salvation? coo’

  • monica says:

    omg im still shocked that there christians lol wait are all of them christians?!!!!!!! thats so coool:DDDD

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