[Updated] Sooyoung injured after car accident, all activities temporarily suspended

A bad news was announced today as SNSD’s Sooyoung was injured in a car accident.

On August 28th at 9am, Sooyoung was on her way to a volunteer service on Gyeongbu Expressway, when the car accident occurred near the rest area of the expressway.

On behalf of Sooyoung, an explanation was given, “It was caused by the carelessness of the opposite party. The oncoming car crossed over the traffic lane and hit the car Sooyoung was in.”

After the accident, Sooyoung was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. Currently, she is resting in a hospital in Seoul and Sooyoung’s doctor said that since her sacral vertebra (sacrum) was injured, it will be difficult for her to carry out activities in the near future.

Because of her injuries, Sooyoung will be absent from the three ‘SMTOWN LIVE Tokyo Dome Concerts’, which will take place starting September 2nd. In light of this, it might also affect SNSD’s new album preparation and their upcoming comeback.

When the accident occurred, Sooyoung was on the way to a volunteer activity helping disabled people with their blindness.

Credit: TV Report
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com

UPDATE 1: SM, “Sooyoung’s injury will not affect comeback”

In the latest development, a representative from SM Entertainment said, “She (Sooyoung) will not be attending the 2 concerts scheduled, but SNSD’s Korean comeback will be not affected. Because their comeback date has not been confirmed, we will ensure that the treatment to her injury is fully completed by then”.

Credit: donga.com
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com

Update 2: Sooyoung’s sister Soojin tweets about Sooyoung’s conditions.

At about 11.30 pm KST on August 29th, Sooyoung’s elder sister Soojin (@sujincda) tweeted about her sister’s conditions after the accident. The following is the translated tweet:

수영이 걱정해주시는분들 감사합니다. 명랑공주 수영이는 변함없이 밝게 잘 있어요~ 구급차안에서도 병원에 와서도 뭐가 재밌는지 계속 웃었다고 하네요^^ 계속 기도부탁드려요.:)

Thanks to all who were worried for Sooyoung. There is no change in our cheerful princess Sooyoung and she looks fine. Don’t know what is so fun about being in the ambulance and going to the hospital but she keeps on laughing. Please continue to pray for her.

Credit: sujincda@twitter.com

Update 3: Sooyoung’s mother left a message on the HwaSuEunHwa fancafe

Sooyoung’s mother kept fans updated with Sooyoung’s conditions as she left a message on SNSD’s fancafe HwaSuEunHwa on the morning of August 30th, two days after the accident. The following is the translated message:

All of you worried a lot, didn’t you? hehe.. Yesterday and the day before was hectic.. Sooyoung is doing better than expected~ Of course she is feeling a little pain, but she’s okay because she’s taking painkillers.

Since so many people have been enduring the pain with her and have been so worried for her, I realized just how much love my daughter has been receiving. And so I’m starting my day with a full heart.

Sooyoung is still the one reassuring family, members and friends with a bright face, so you don’t have to worry~ There are many others who are really hurt… She’s sorry about being in her room so she said she’s not in pain and that she’s okay..

Like what Sooyoung said, about always being there no matter what.. I will keep my word ~

So.. Please watch over her with a light heart, as well as the other members.. Please cheer them on ~ They tend to become awkward when one person isn’t there…

Thank you..


Credit: 화수은화/HwaSuEunHwa
Translated by: ch0sshi@twitter.com

Update 4: Soojin speaks on Sooyoung’s accident in an interview

SBS’s ‘Night of TV Entertainment’, aired on August 31st, reported about Sooyoung’s car accident, which resulted in a fractured coccyx (tailbone) from the unfortunate August 28th incident.

Sooyoung’s older sister Choi Soojin, a musical actress, talked about the serious accident in an interview. She said, “She (Sooyoung) bled a lot and I was so shocked at the incident at that moment, that I thought she could even die.”

She further explained, “There is a crack on her coccyx (tailbone) but we were told that there is no specific treatment or casts needed so she just has to rest. Perhaps she cannot attend some upcoming schedules but because she is willing to attend the activities, I thought perhaps she can attend some that doesn’t require much movements and provided that they are not stages that involve excessive movements.”

Credit: Newsen
Translated by: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com

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5 Responses to [Updated] Sooyoung injured after car accident, all activities temporarily suspended

  • Filicius Gorby says:

    I’m not good with words
    Let’s pray for Sister Women Sooyoung SNSD
    Hopefully Sooyoung brother a speedy recovery, still smiling after a crash
    Sone missed your comeback & SNSD’s still 9 people:))
    Fighting for Women’s brother Sooyoung
    Jesus always bless wherever and whenever
    Do not forget to pray Kak Sooyoung

  • sooyoung unnie…i know this is hard for you too..but i know..with your strength you can pass this challenge…we’ll pray for you unnie…always remember Sones will be here for you..WE LOVE YOU UNNIE!!!…

  • HyoyeIsMyLove says:

    Poor sooyoungie~ I always pray may god blessing n curing your illness n injuries…

  • allson says:

    “So.. Please watch over her with a light heart, as well as the other members.. Please cheer them on ~ They tend to become awkward when one person isn’t there…” aha my thought exactly…each time snsd perform with incomplete member theres always something lack from their performance… the power of 9..get well soon sooyoung <3

  • Abby Lim says:

    Get well soon, Sooyoung! We love you! 

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