Actor Lee DongWook got pranked by Sunny

Actor Lee DongWook revealed his admiration towards Taeyeon on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on September 13th.

On the show, Lee DongWook was contacted and made to believe that he was speaking to Taeyeon, but it was actually Sunny who pretended to be Taeyeon. Through phone conversation, Lee DongWook started off by saying, “Hello, Taeyeon”.

Sunny then replied, “I’m really a fan of DongWook Oppa. I really love watching your dramas. Do you like SNSD’s songs? Which are the songs that you like?”

In reply to Sunny’s questions, Lee DongWook said, “I like all of the songs. Especially, your (Taeyeon’s) solo songs”. To this, Sunny responded, “In that case, we should go for dinner next time”. Lee DongWook accepted Sunny’s invitation by replying ‘Yes’ in an honorific manner, much to the amusement of everyone in the

In the end, Sunny revealed herself to Lee DongWook. Sunny said, “Actually, it was me, Sunny. That was a ‘hidden camera’”. Lee DongWook laughed and responded, “Your voice sounds so similar to Taeyeon’s”. To this, Boom reacted and gave everyone a good laugh by saying, “Their voices are totally different”.


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