Seohyun speaks on the success and challenges of ‘The Boys’

Upon seeing SNSD’s name on the overseas music charts, Seohyun asked, “Is this ‘SNSD’ really referring to us?”

Seohyun met the reporters in the waiting room on October 21st, before their first comeback stage on Music Bank. She said, “Members have created a chatroom on smartphones and communicate through it. When they saw our achievements on overseas music charts, they shared it through the chatroom. I asked ‘Is this Girls’ Generation really us?’ when I first saw it.”

SNSD released their 3rd full album ‘The Boys’ worldwide on October 19th through iTunes and subsequently, the album then entered the top 100 on main charts of various countries around the world. It’s especially noticeable and amazing that they achieved these results without promotions in overseas.

Seohyun smiled and said, “The songs this time are new challenges and we were worried about it at first. But we are happy to see the good responses. I felt weird and unfamiliar with the tough song and rap at first, but we still practiced hard. I don’t feel weird at all now.”

In fact, on this day, SNSD received favorable comments online after their perfect live stage. Comments praised the members’ charismatic performances and charms.

Seohyun said, “Although promoting overseas was good, we also missed Korean fans a lot. We feel happy to be able to sing our new song to Korean fans after a long time. It feels like reaching home.”

SNSD is also flying to New York to attend the ‘SMTOWN Live in New York’ concert after their performance at Music Core on Saturday. Seohyun said, “We’ve gone to LA a few times, but New York is the first time for us. I feel very excited.”

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