Sunny is Hyomin’s daily vitamin

T-ara’s Hyomin showed her affection towards Sunny once again.

On December 11th, through her personal Twitter account, Hyomin tweeted, “Gulping my drink. Kick off the morning strongly yeah~ it’s good (thumbs up)” and revealed a photo of Vita500 with Sunny on the label. Sunny and Hyomin are known for their close friendship in KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth’ (Season 1).

Netizen who saw the photo commented, “I like to see the reunion Sunny and Hyomin as the SoonByung couple once again” and “It seems that she really likes Sunny very much”.

Credit: (Hyomin’s Twitter account)

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2 Responses to Sunny is Hyomin’s daily vitamin

  • Juliasnsd says:

    Omg….seriously…I really think that sunbyung are real and hyomin really act different with sunny….;-)

  • watie says:

    snsd really busy, i think it make hyomin really miss sunny…

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