Get some tips to have Girls’ Generation’s beautiful bodylines!

A way to have Girls’ Generation’s attractive bodyline in a short period of time has been revealed.

On the episode of Star King aired on December 24th, Girls’ Generation’s trainer, Kim JiHoon, revealed a way to make your body as fit as girls’ within 10 minutes.

Kim JiHoon trains celebrities such as Jo YeoJung, Shin SeKyung, Ok JuHyun, ChangMin of DBSK, Seol KyungKoo and Park ShiHoo.

Kim JiHoon stated, “Just by following what I do, anyone can have leg-lines as pretty as Girls’ Generation’s.” Then, he introduced the 10-minute Girls’ Generation’ exercise. The exercise includes 4 minutes of shaking, 3 minute compos, 2 minute of side knee kick, and 1 minute of hot jumping.

On the show, Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny, and HyoYeon showed each exercise as an example. Tiffany was the first one to show the compos exercise for the leg. Then each member showed the example of exercise to train each part of their body.

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