Girls’ Generation topped Gallup Korea’s ‘The Most Outstanding Singer of The Year’ for the third consecutive year

On December 26th, from a study entitled ‘The Most Outstanding Singer of The Year‘ conducted by Gallup Korea on 3,401 participants (male and female) from age 13 to 59 years old, Girls’ Generation topped the survey, garnering 26.1% of the total votes. This is the 3rd consecutive year Girls’ Generation topped the survey since 2009.

Girls’ Generation who have been receving much love through their latest hit ‘The Boys’, also topped the survey in all age groups (above 10 years old to 50 years old). With this, they are also the first artists who had managed to secure the no.1 spot in all age groups since the survey was first carried out by Gallup Korea in 2007.

Meanwhile, Big Bang took the no.2 spot with 8.2%, followed by Jang YoonJung in 3rd with 6.9%. Kim BumSoo came in 4th with 6.3% while IU took the 5th spot with 6.0%. Im JaeBum and 2PM shared the 6th spot while Park JungHyun and T-ara were both ranked 8th. Wonder Girls came in 10th.


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